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Junk Removal & Waste Management FAQ

  1. What will waste removal cost?

    The price for waste removal varies depending on the amount of waste that has to be hauled away, the size of the bin required, and whether you are filling your own bin or we are filling it for you.

    Regardless of whether you opt for a bin rental or full waste removal service, you will also be charged by weight depending on what goes in the bin.

    All of our bin rentals include 7 days at no extra charge. We offer a low price guarantee and we won't surprise you with unexpected fees and surcharges.

  2. What size bin should I order?

    Different bins are used for different types and amount of waste to be removed. We recommend a 15 yard or 20 yard bin for regular household and renovation type waste. If you are disposing of fill (dirt, rocks, concrete etc) or construction waste we offer either a 20 cubic yard or 40 cubic yard bin at flat rates. We can recommend a bin size that is suitable for your particular disposal order.

    For our bin dimensions click here.

  3. How much notice is required to place an order?

    Although same day service is often available, we usually require 1 day notice in order to deliver your bin at the day and time you specify.

  4. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept cheques, all major credits cards and cash of course.

  5. Are there any items you cannot accept?

    Tires, gas cylinders, paint, aerosol cans, flammable, toxic, or any other types of hazardous waste are amongst those items that we cannot dispose of. We can however offer advice as to where you can dispose of these items. Please do not hesitate to ask.

  6. Can I leave the bin on the street?

    Municipalities have different bylaws in terms of whether bins are allowed to be placed on the street. Some municipalities require that you obtain a road occupancy permit. You will need to free up and reserve space on the street for the delivery day as our trucks will require sufficient space to safely drop a bin in the desired space.

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